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Grid Connect Installation

What Is Grid Connect Solar Power

Simply put, a grid connect solar power system connects you to the electricity grid via a power inverter unit that lets you run your solar power system in parallel with the electricity grid. Installing systems in this way allows you to get the extraordinary benefits of owning a solar power system, while also having extremely reliable electricity.

While the technology behind solar energy may seem complex, understanding the processes of how solar power works is easier to understand. Encapsulated below is the process:

  • The sun shines on the solar panels generating DC electricity
  • The DC electricity is fed into a solar inverter that converts it to 240V AC electricity.
  • The 240V AC electricity is used to power appliances in your home.
  • Surplus electricity is fed back into the main grid.

During daytime, even in overcast weather, the solar cells in the rooftop panels use the sun’s UV rays to generate DC electricity. The inverter used in a grid connect solar power system changes the power to AC for use within your home or business. To maximise the results of your solar power system, use your energy-hungry appliances during daytime, ie, pool filters, washing machines, etc. For more information about grid connect solar power and solar grid installation in Melbourne and Gippsland, call and speak with one of our friendly team.

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