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The switchboard is an integral part of every residential or commercial property. It’s the electrical hub where all electrical systems pass through. As such, only licensed electricians should handle every switchboard installation in Gippsland and Melbourne, especially when the switchboard if being used in a commercial setting. When you have a team of experts installing the right switchboard for your home, business, or office, you’re doing the right thing and sparing yourself from the hazards of DIY.

What To Do When Power Trips

Once we’re done with the switchboard installation in Gippsland and Melbourne, you should know some basics on how to use it. Of course, our expert electricians will brief you on how to use your newly installed switchboard. But what do you have to do when power trips? When power is not working in a certain area of your home or office, but the rest are okay? More likely than not, one of the circuit breakers has tripped. You just have to simply check your switchboard box. You can easily see which switch went off. Just switch it back on to restore power in the area affected.

Just a note though. If the power trips again, it’s an indication that there might be something wrong with your electrical system, or the switchboard itself. You will need an expert to check them out thoroughly. Just give us a call if this happens.

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